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How to Save Your Game in Deathloop

Image courtesy of Arkane Studios/Bethesda Softworks

Here's what you need to know if you're looking to save your game in Deathloop.

For a game that literally loops, Deathloop lends itself to a structured gaming session. Of course, life is unpredictable and so is your time; it's likely that there will be moments where you'll need to prematurely end your session. So how can you save your progress in Deathloop? Well, it's not quite as straightfoward as you might think. Manual saving doesn't really exist in this game. But don't worry - there's still a way to save.

How to Save Your Game in Deathloop

Saving in games is a lot more varied these days. Where players used to rely on certain savepoints, or had the ease of a simple function in the options menu, a lot of modern games like to rely on autosaving. The latter is true for Deathloop, too.

The game splits itself into four time periods - morning, noon, afternoon, and evening. Each time period is a mission, which you're free to complete how ever you see fit. The game will autosave after each mission, so once you're finished and exit the area, your game will save. But what happens if you need to stop mid-mission? Unfortunately, your progress won't be saved and you'll restart at the beginning of the mission. While this may seem frustrating, especially if you're lacking in time to complete a full mission, you can return to the tunnels and exit at any time. Players will retain any information that they've collected. Items can also be retained, provided that they have been infused.

Keep in mind that if you quit the game. All information and items for that mission will be lost, and you'll need to start the mission all over again.