How to Schedule a Funny Film Event in Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus Gameplay
Two Point Campus Gameplay / Courtesy of Two Point Studios

Here's how to schedule a Funny Film event in Two Point Campus.

In Two Point Campus, players are able to schedule campus events. During the main campaign, players will be tasked with scheduling an SU party and a campus cook-off, but hosting a funny film is another event players can schedule in the game. Here's how to do it.

How to Schedule a Funny Film Event in Two Point Campus

To schedule a Funny Film event, players first need to select a room, then click the 'Event Setup' icon in the upper left-hand corner of the room's submenu. This icon appears as a calendar icon with a checkmark inside, with a plus icon right next to it. From here, players will be able to see all the events they're able to host.

Once players select Funny Film and adjust the details (such as the event start time, length, and whether it will be a repeating event or not), players can select the 'Book Event' option to schedule it. Events cost money to host, and certain events have level requirements to host them, so players should make sure they have enough money as well as all the essential prerequisites they need in order to host the event.