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How to Score in Roller Champions

Here's a breakdown of how to score in Roller Champions.
Here's a breakdown of how to score in Roller Champions. / Image courtesy of Ubisoft

Roller Champions has officially launched, and just as in any competitive content, understanding the objective is simply a necessity.

For those looking to get a feel for what Ubisoft's brand new free-to-play, multiplayer online sports game is all about, here's a breakdown of how to score in Roller Champions.

Roller Champions is a sports game where two teams of three compete against each other to be the first to reach five points by throwing a ball into a goal in seven minutes. If the two teams are tied after seven minutes, the "sudden death" mode is activated and the first team to score a goal in three minutes wins.

Here's the kicker; the games are played on sloped arenas with a track. Before a team can score the ball, they must complete at least one lap around the arena without losing possession of the ball. While one team has possession of the ball, the other team must try to tackle the ball carrier and get it back.

Players can earn more points per goal by taking the risk of putting their progress on the line to complete more laps before shooting. Subsequent laps can be completed by other teammates by passing the ball to them.

  • One lap: one point
  • Two laps: three points
  • Three laps: five points

In theory, a team that manages to complete three consecutive laps around the arena without giving up the ball can win the game with one made shot.

In terms of making a shot, the goal is located on a wall of the arena and appears as a hoop standing vertically. As such, this opens up a variety of ways for players to get the ball in, from simply throwing it in to rolling it off the wall and in.

Of course, there's plenty of nuance in the strategies and mechanics that goes into playing both offense and defense before even attempting a shot as well.