Call of Duty

How to See FPS in Warzone 2


Want to know your FPS in Warzone 2. Here's how to make is visible.

For fast-paced games like Call of Duty, and particularly Warzone 2, FPS can be the difference between a seamless game and a distracting mess. With the way consoles and PCs are now, players are keen to get the absolute most out of their hardware.

Some players might experience an FPS drop in certain areas of the map. If that's the case, being able to see the counter can give you a great indication of areas to avoid in order to play at your absolute best.

So, how can you make the FPS counter visible?

How to Make the FPS Counter Visible in Warzone 2?

If you're playing on PC, checking the FPS can be done from the many available options. Press F3 during a game of Warzone 2 and look for the Telemetry section. Select "Show More" to bring up a number of items to add to your HUD. These are mainly performance trackers.

Select the FPS Counter and toggle it on. You'll then be able to see your FPS directly on your HUD.

If you're playing on console, however, then sadly there isn't a way to get a real-time reading of your FPS. Instead, pay close attention to what you can see and your surroundings to determine which areas of the map just aren't working for you.