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How to "Seize Destiny" in Genshin Impact

Mona's Seize Destiny Quest in Genshin Impact
Mona's Seize Destiny Quest in Genshin Impact / Courtesy of Mihoyo

Here's how to complete the "Seize Destiny" prompt in Genshin Impact.

The Golden Apple Archipelago has made it's return in Genshin Impact Version 2.8, and it's full of new quests, missions, and puzzles for players to explore and solve. One of these new quests is a Phantom Realm quest with Mona, which can be both long and complicated for players who are going in unprepared. After completing the Astral Puzzles in the first part of Mona's Domain, players will be given the task to "Seize Destiny". Here's how to do it.

How to "Seize Destiny" in Genshin Impact

After completing the four Astral Puzzles and following the final star back to the central chamber, the water that was previously in the pool will disappear, revealing several corridors and a new area. Once players get through this area, they'll be teleported to a blue plain filled with wandering glowing stars. However, once players approach them, they'll fly away.

The way to complete this section of the quest is to grab a specific star in the area. One of the stars will have a glowing trail behind it, and this is the star that players should chase down. Once they get close to it, they just have to quickly interact with it to complete this portion of the quest and move on.