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How to Self Revive in Apex Legends

How to self revive in Apex Legends is fairly straightforward because there is only one item that provides that service.

Outside of one type of Knockdown Shield, you cannot revive or respawn yourself. You'll need a teammate to do that.

How to Self Revive in Apex Legends

To self revive, you need a Golden Knockdown Shield! Only then can you have the option to revive yourself when knocked down.

Finding a Golden Knockdown Shield is another problem altogether. Anything golden is rare and usually only drops in the hot drop locations which are marked on the map with a blue circle when the match begins. You can also find golden loot inside drop crates that periodically spawn across the map.

Apex Legends Season 2 is set to begin Tuesday, so hop in and try out the Golden Knockdown Shield.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment