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How to Show FPS in Battlefield 2042

Photo by Electronic Arts

When playing Battlefield 2042, a high graphics game, it may be important to know your FPS (Frames Per Seconds) rate to keep track of how your PC holds up.

How to Show FPS in Battlefield 2042

Here's how to enable the FPS rate on your screen:

1. Battlefield 2042 on Steam

On the Steam client, press the top left corner that says "Steam." Scroll to "Settings" and a new settings window will pop up. Go to "In-Game" and make sure that the In-Game FPS counter is enabled and at the setting you like.

You can refer back to this screen by pressing "Shift-Tab," the default Overlay shortcut.

2. Battlefield 2042 on Origin

In the Origin client, click your EA ID in the bottom left corner. Go to "Application Settings" and go to the "Origin In-Game" tab. Scroll to "During Gameplay" and adjust your FPS settings under "Display FPS Counter." Here you can adjust the size of the FPS counter and the transparency.

3. Battlefield 2042 in-game

To enable it in-game, press the tilde (~) key. This opens up the game's console. Then type in the command box, " perfoverlay.drawfps 1 " then hit enter.