How to Show Ping and FPS in Fortnite

Photo Courtesy of Epic Games

As a first-person shooter, FPS and ping in Fortnite are the most important numbers to keep track of.

People who play the game will understand exactly how important it is to keep steady FPS and ping to land those perfect shots.

So, how do you enable your FPS and ping in Fortnite?

How to Show Ping and FPS in Fortnite

1. Turn on Net Debug Stats

To do this, you must be in the Match Lobby. From there, open the hamburger menu in the top right to access the settings. Go to the Game UI section and scroll down to HUD options. Once you're there, you can enable 'Net Debug Stats' and apply the changes.

Now that the Net Debug Stats are on, your ping will be visible in the top left of the screen, along with download speed, upload speed, and packet loss.

If you prefer it, you can change the size of the text in the HUD menu as well.

2. Turn on Show FPS Setting

Now, you can go into the video tab. From there, scroll down to the Graphics Quality section to find the FPS settings. Enable the 'Show FPS Setting' and then press Apply.

Once that's enabled, you can see your FPS along with the ping and other numbers in the top left corner.