How to Show Ping and FPS in Valorant

Photo courtesy Riot Games

To show ping and FPS in Valorant is quite a simple process to do. Since in-game, players who are experiencing lag will notice this when reading their ping or FPS. Understanding how to read these two measures in-game will help a player become more literate in playing Valorant.

How to Show Ping and FPS in Valorant

To display one’s ping and FPS in game can be done in a few steps:

  1. Go to game settings and find the ‘Video’ tab
  2. Under the ‘Video’ tab select ‘Stats’
  3. Player’s have to option to select ‘Text Only’, ‘Graph Only’, and ‘Show Both’
  4. Once a player has decided what option they would like, they would select ‘Client FPS’ and ‘Network Round Trip Time’ in order to show FPS and ping in-game.

What is Ping and FPS?

Ping will tell how long it will take for a packet of information or data to travel from PC to a server on the internet and then return it back. If one is experiencing lag or a delayed connection, that means one is experiencing a high ping.

FPS or otherwise known as frames per second is how smooth one’s game runs. The more frames one has will create a fast and smooth experience while the less amount of frames will make a player's screen choppy or slow.