How to Show Your FPS in Apex Legends

How to show your FPS in Apex Legends is a helpful way to manage your gaming experience. Your frames per second can become a great way to measure your internet speed, machine performance, and any possible lag so you can plan your strategy accordingly. Knowing your FPS can even lead to a more effective play on the battlefield.

Here's how to show your FPS in Apex Legends.

How to Show Your FPS in Apex Legends

The first thing you'll need to do is open your Origin launcher and log in to your Origin account. Once the program logs you in fully, navigate toward the "Origin" tab at the top left-hand corner. Clicking this will activate a drop down menu from which you should select "Application Settings."

A new set-up should appear on the right side of your Origin window, also bearing tabs right below the original navy task bar. Find and select the "More" tab and then locate "Origin In-Game." Activate this if it wasn't active already.

Right below Origin In-Game will be the Display Gameplay tools bearing the Display FPS Counter option. Its default is "Do Not Display." All you need to do now is select which corner of the screen you'd like to see it on.

Now you're done. Enjoy your new display.

Images courtesy of Respawn Entertainment