How to Sign Out of League of Legends

courtesy of Riot Games

How to sign out of League of Legends is far easier than one would expect, as Riot Games allows players to easily sign out of their account from the client.

Almost two years ago, we got an update with the League of Legends client. It allowed flexible transitions between nations as well as a cleaner and more modern look.

While many complained Riot Games should focus more on client performance rather than the look, most people felt refreshed with the new look. Most features of the client stayed the same, including the sign out system.

How to Sign Out of League of Legends

The sign out system for League of Legends is relatively simple. From the main client, click the 'X' button on the top right.

A warning window will appear and ask if you are going to exit. There are two options from here- exit and sign out.

courtesy of MachoMelon YouTube

Exit will let you leave the League of Legends client. You will have to click on the game launcher to reload the game.

Sign out will lead you to the log in page. This is a good choice when you are not getting off of the game but want to log into a different account.