How to Sign Up for the Dune Awakening Beta

Courtesy of Funcom

Fans of the Dune universe will be able to dive into a brand new MMO, titled Dune Awakening, developed by Funcom.

While Funcom has has been tight lipped about the details of their new game, that hasn't stopped fans of Frank Herbert's Dune Universe from getting excited about the new MMO RPG that was shown off at The Game Awards 2022. Although there hasn't been an official release date set for the game, the announcement did make mention that players would be able to experience the game early in a beta.

Here is how to sign up for the Dune Awakening beta from Funcom.

How to Sign Up for the Dune Awakening Beta

Thankfully, signing up for the Dune Awakening beta is as simple as can be. All players need to do is go to this website and put in your email where, when the time comes, players from all over the world will be selected to play in the beta. Although there is no sure fire way to get in, putting down your email is your best bet for being selected.

Although there hasn't been a time set for the beta or the official release of the game, players who sign up should keep their eyes on their emails to see if they have been chosen.