How to Sign Up to the Stormgate Closed Beta

Image courtesy of Frost Giant Studios

Wondering how to get in on the Stormgate closed beta? Here's what you need to know.

There's a new real-time strategy game that's been catching the attention of a number of prospective players. Stormgate is an upcoming free-to-play RTS set on Earth hundreds of years into the future. Players will need to build their base, gather resources, and culture a strong army to guarantee success on the battlefield. Campaign missions can be undertaken alone or with friends, or players can try their hands at three-player co-op vs AI mode.

The game recently had its own showing at this year's PC Games Showcase. Those curious to try out Stormgate ahead of its launch are likely wondering how to sign up to the closed beta.

How to Sign Up to the Stormgate Closed Beta

Stormgate is currently set to begin its beta testing in mid-2023. To be amongst the first to give it a try, players can sign up to the closed beta by registering their interest at the game's sign-up page.

Interested players will receive more information regarding the closed beta via email closer to the time.

Stormgate doesn't currently have a definitive release date. The game is set to launch exclusively on PC.