How to Slide Cancel in MW3

Here's how to slide cancel in MW3.
Here's how to slide cancel in MW3. / Activision

Wondering how to slide cancel in MW3? We have everything you need to know, plus how the movement got nerfed in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

After the complete lack of movement in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Sledgehammer Games brought back slide cancelling in MW3. Much to the community's delight, players no longer must rely on bunny hopping to create advanced movement in-game. The return of slide cancelling also increases the skill gap in MW3, something that was surely missed in MW2.

Here's a breakdown of how to slide cancel in MW3.

How to Slide Cancel in MW3

To slide cancel in MW3, you must quickly press the crouch button twice and jump as you sprint with your designated button or stick. As a result, you will cancel the slide animation, allowing for much smoother movement in MW3.

Unfortunately, slide cancelling in MW3 does not reset your Tac Sprint like it did in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019). Even without being able to use unlimited Tac Sprint, though, the advanced movement still makes close-quarter gunfights, rotations, and other general movement a lot more fluid and versatile in the current title.

If you are new to slide cancelling, it could take you a bit of time to nail the right button combinations to effectively get your movement on level with the pros. The more you play, the more natural slide cancelling will feel in MW3.

What is Tactical Stance in MW3?

Activision explains Tactical Stance in Modern Warfare 3 as the "perfect middle-ground" between hip-fire and ADS. As you enter close-quarter gunfights, Tac-Stance offers greater strafe and movement speed with minimized hip-fire spread.

To use Tactical Stance in Modern Warfare 3, players simply must toggle in and out of Tac-Stance while aiming down sights. Tac-Stance can be toggled anytime during a match, but it automatically toggles on while sliding. To enable Tac-Stance, hit down on the D-Pad.