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How to Slide Cancel in Warzone Pacific

Image courtesy of Activision

When watching any seasoned pro player or content creator take on Warzone Pacific, it is nearly impossible to see them take on a fight or make a rotation without slide canceling, and for good reason.

The move has long been a part of the competitive identity of not just Warzone, but Call of Duty in general, and is something newer players should try to master if they intend to survive longer in-game. Thankfully, it's ultimately a pretty simple move to pull off. Here's a breakdown of how to slide cancel in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific.

How to Slide Cancel in Warzone Pacific

In order to perform the slide cancel, players will need to get into a tactical sprint — as indicated by the Operator running extra fast with their weapon up — hold crouch to slide, and then cancel the slide early by crouching again.

If done properly, this allows the player to potentially throw their opponent's aim off by changing directions and keeping their head moving.

Additionally, slide cancelling is often spammed to allow players to repeatedly get into a tactical sprint, and thus minimize time needed to travel on foot.

As such, for controller players, it's likely best to set your crouch bind to a thumbstick or a paddle rather than on the B button.

For those on mouse and keyboard, it's recommended to rebind Left CTRL to "Change Stance/Slide" as this allows you to use Left CTRL to go prone rather than C, and thus slide easier.

Of course, the automatic tactical sprint setting is also an option for those who want to make slide canceling even more seamless, but it will definitely take some games to get used to.

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