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How to Solve Scorn's First Puzzle

Courtesy of Ebb Software
Courtesy of Ebb Software /

With Halloween just around the corner, there is no better way to celebrate than playing Scorn. Released on Oct. 14, Scorn is a first-person horror game that immerses players in a nightmare. As players take on the fantastical grotesque horror game, there has been some confusion around Scorn’s first puzzle. Here is a breakdown of how to solve the egg sliding puzzle. 

How to Solve Scorn's First Puzzle

In Act 1, the first puzzle begins right after completing the prolouge sequence. The player will know they have approached the first puzzle when they are confronted by two pillars. When taking on puzzle one, players should start with the pillar toward the right. This pillar will allow players to interact with small shell-like items that are referred to as eggs. The objective of the puzzle is to get the egg that is lit up in the vicinity of the center pillar’s grasp which means placing the egg in the top left position. 

The best way to approach solving this puzzle is through trial and error. The best strategy is for players to start by working on moving the single eggs out of the way to leave room for the eggs that are attached to each other.

After moving around the eggs until the lit egg is in position, activate the center claw from the main pillar to grab the egg and place it in the central column. Then the player must follow the egg as it descends and meets the creature that was inside. To interact with the creature, move the crane down so that it is placed on the wheelchair-like vehicle.