How to Solve Scorn's Maze Puzzle

Courtesy of Ebb Software
Courtesy of Ebb Software /

Scorn already has players scrambling for answers for different puzzles and challenges.

Released on Oct. 14, Scorn arrived just in time for Halloween! This nightmare first-person horror game brings players into a lost and unknown universe. Players have to take on grotesque puzzles in each act of the game to unfold the mystery of the undiscovered world. At the beginning of the game, players are already met with the first puzzle which prompts them to move a marked egg into the right position. From there, the mazes only get harder. Here is a guide on how to solve Scorn's maze puzzle in the fourth act. 

How to Solve Scorn's Maze Puzzle

To solve Scorn's maze puzzle, players must explore the premise to activate three terminals. This is found after entering the wounds of the large alien that the players were forced to kill at the beginning of the act. Within each section of the body, there is a console with a maze grid and a white dot. The goal is to get the white dot to the center. The dot is in the same place in all three terminals, so players need to navigate different layouts of the maze to move the dot. 

Finding the solution of the puzzle is not very straightforward. Here are the steps players should take when first interacting with the console. Every time the dot is blocked, players need to move to another console.

  1. Move the dot to A3 and turn the pillar twice
  2. Move the fot to C5 and turn the pillar once
  3. Move the dot to E6 and, turn the pillar once
  4. Move the dot to D3 and turn the pillar once
  5. Move the dot to E3 and turn the pillar twice
  6. Move the dot to D2 and turn the pillar twice
  7. Move the dot down to C3 to complete the puzzle.