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How to Solve The Quarry Breaker Puzzle

Courtesy of Supermassive Games

Solving The Quarry Breaker puzzle takes some detective work.

The Quarry is full of puzzles and hard to make decisions that can drastically change the story of the game, and determine which characters will make it through the night.

The Quarry is a fairly new game, with a June 10 release date, but has enjoyed high praise from fans. The Quarry comes from Supermassive Games, the studio behind the popular game Until Dawn. In the Quarry, a group of summer camp counselors have to survive a night of being hunted by rampant werewolves which include most of the iconic horror movie tropes from the 80s.

How to Solve The Quarry Breaker Puzzle

* Be careful, as this guide contains spoilers for The Quarry*

Later in the game, or specifically the mid way point of chapter 8, Ryan and Laura will discover Jacob locked in a cage with a werewolf. The first choice the game gives the players is to shoot the werewolf, which is actually Nick. If you're interested in saving Nick, don't shoot the werewolf as Laura's silver bullets will kill him.

Once you accept Jacob's plea to free him, there will be a breaker that has four separate switches.

Pick #1 and #2 to open Jacob’s cage. Then, choose #1 and #4 to open the middle door. doing this will free Jacob. If you pick #3 and #4 it will free the werewolf.

By picking different combinations such as #2 and #3, will electrocute Ryan. Getting Ryan electrocuted twice he will get frustrated and give up, ending the puzzle.

Make sure to follow the guide closely because if Ryan gives up, there is no way to complete the puzzle without doing another playthrough.