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How to Spare Bosses in Sifu

Image courtesy of Sloclap

Learning how to spare bosses in Sifu gives you the ability to see your journey through on your terms. Here's what you need to know.

Sifu's beat 'em up style offers a few new twists and takes on the classic genre. With compelling combat and an intriguing death mechanic, in the form of the Death Counter, Sifu offers players a fun yet challenging roguelike experience.

Sifu has a couple of endings for players to earn, and one of which involves sparing the game's bosses. Oddly enough, this isn't something that the game makes clear. Fortunately, we've broken down exactly what you need to do in order to spare bosses.

How to Spare Bosses in Sifu

Sparing bosses requires the fight to go on mostly the same way as normal but with a few alternative steps.

First, get the boss into the second phase of the fight. Like normal, you'll need to break their structure but be sure not to finish them. Any connecting attack, even if blocked, should have an effect on the enemy's structure. Breaking their structure once again will present you with a unique dialogue prompt, enabling you to spare them.

It's best to attempt this on your second playthrough, after already obtaining the first ending. The alternative ending should be unlocked after sparing all bosses, including the game's final boss.