How to Split Stacks in Marauders

Small Impact Games

As players take on various sci-fi battlegrounds in the tactical first-person shooter looter, Marauders, splitting stacks is essential when organizing your inventory. Players who go into a raid unprepared will not make it out alive. Unfortunately the game does not provide a tutorial for managing your inventory, so here is a guide on how to split stacks in Marauders.

Marauders was released for PC on Oct. 3. Developed by Small Impact Games and published by Team17, this game provides a unique and immersive experience for players who are looking to take on the role as a space pirate. When pocketing everything in sight, having an organized inventory can maximize the amount of loot a player can carry. 

How to Split Ammo in Marauders

Although the game does not explain how to split ammo, the process is pretty simple. Currently there are no quick-swap mechanisms in place, but below are the steps players should take when splitting stacks:

  1. Click on the items you want to split with the left mouse button
  2. Move them to another free slot in the inventory
  3. While still holding the left mouse button, press the CTRL button on the keyboard
  4. A small window with a slider will appear and, from there, you can select the desired amount you want to stack