How to Spoil the Mole's Sabotage Attempt in Fortnite

Image courtesy of Epic Games

The new batch of Legendary Quests are here in Fortnite. This week, players will need to spoil the mole's sabotage attempt. Here's what you need to know.

The end of Chapter 2, Season 7 is almost here. We've got one final week of Legendary Quests to see you through to the finale on Sunday. For players trying to wrap up their Battle Pass, these quests might be more important than ever. This week, one of the quests asks players to help put a stop to the mole's sabotage plans. Here's everything you need to know to complete this quest.

How to Spoil the Mole's Sabotage Attempt in Fortnite

To spoil the mole's sabotage attempt in Fortnite players will first need to head to Corny Complex. You might notice that it's looking a bit different these days. Players will need to head towards the IO base, beneath the western gray barn. The easiest way is to land directly onto the ledge or build some stairs to reach it.

Once there, players will need to locate the countermeasure device attached to part of a wall - it might need to be mined at to be in full view. You'll notice what seems to be a giant metal orb. Interact with the orb in order to disable the countermeasure device and finish the quest.

Completing thie quest will earn players 30,000 XP for their troubles - the perfect boost to level up that Battle Pass. The final Legendary Quest will now be available; it's time to confront the mole.