How to Spray in Valorant

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

It can always be tough to consistently hit shot after shot in any video game. Tactical FPS games like Valorant are no different. Players will try their best to put down two to three players in a round, but simply miss the spray transfer. To help with that, here is a quick guide on some tips to make sure that you are tapping heads the next time you load in to a Valorant game.

How to Spray in Valorant

1. Identify What Guns to Learn

Are you working on your rifles? Do you want to get better at range with an SMG? These are important questions to ask any player who wants to learn how to spray in Valorant. Having a purpose does that much more to give an edge in learning how to use a gun.

2. Learn the Recoil

Every gun in Valorant has its own recoil pattern. No matter the gun, there will be jumping of the crosshair after rapid firing. Understanding how spraying impacts every gun in the game is important for teaching a player to be ready to fight in any given situation. Valorant's bloom mechanic does add some RNG to this, but overall it is a very good step to learn the recoil patterns. After learning these patterns, make sure to pull in mirrored way the recoil goes in order to properly spray control (i.e.: recoil goes up and right, pull down and left to spray more accurate).

3. Practice, Practice, Practice

After identifying the key factors in what guns to use, there is nothing left to do but use the weapons. Practice what you have seen, controlling for the recoil pattern and trying to put the gun under the direction of the player. Muscle memory will eventually develop and there will be an increase in consistency over time.