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How to Start Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Expansion

Image courtesy of Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is the game's brand new massive expansion available on Nintendo Switch and PC. Here's how to start your next journey.

Monster Hunter Rise's latest expansion, Sunbreak, gives players a deeper dive into the world with more story, monsters, and crazy equipment to sink into. The expansion follows on from the base game of Monster Hunter Rise, so players picking up the game for the first time will need to put in a bit of work beforehand.

Whether you're a new or veteran play of Monster Hunter Rise, we've detailed everything you need to know in order to kick off this latest expansion.

How to Start Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Expansion

Given that the expansion follows on from the base game, players will need to have played through a substantial amount of the main story. Most importantly, players will need to have at least completed the 7-star Hub Quest "Serpent Goddess of Thunder."

Only the multiplayer Hub Quests will need to be completed to access Sunbreak. The solo Village Quests aren't important here.

Once "Serpent Goddess of Thunder" has been completed, a new NPC will show up in Kamura Village. This is Rondine, and you can find them near the entrance to the village by the red bridge. Rondine will issue a quest to take down a Daimyo Hermitaur in the Shrine Ruins. Completing this quest will introduce the player to Fiorayne who you'll need to speak to in the village.

After going with Fiorayne, you'll arrive at Elgado Outpost, where you'll learn about everthing going on in the expansion. This is how you get started in Sunbreak. Happy hunting!