How to Stay in Loba's Secret Lair in Apex Legends

Apex Legends' newest legend Loba comes out soon
Apex Legends' newest legend Loba comes out soon / Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

A new Apex Legends Glitch allows players to stay in Loba's Secret Lair for as long as they want. After the announcement of Loba as Season 5's new legend, a new in-game teaser was deposited in the game.

When going to explore the train yard vault in World's Edge. Players will no longer find the gear inside, but instead they'll find a holographic wolf and a taunt from Loba to come find her. A bracelet sits on one of the tables near the message, and went interacted with, will send the player and their squad into a secret lair. Seconds later, the players are returned to the vault. can stay just a bit longer if you want.

How to Stay in Loba's Secret Lair

Thanks to Reddit user roelers, we've got the steps for you right here. Or check out his clip below.

  1. Pick Wraith. No other legend will work.
  2. Go to the train yard vault and find the bracelet
  3. As Wraith, activate your ultimate and have your teammate activate the bracelet
  4. Place the rift exit

And that's it. Once the game returns you to the vault, you should be able to follow the portal back into the lair. Unfortunately, for your friends, they'll get immediately downed if they try and follow you.