How to Store Weapons in Days Gone

How to store weapons in Days Gone is fairly simple. You need to master the process, though, as you need to change weapons quickly at your weapons locker.

There are a lot of weapons to choose from inside the game.

How to Store Weapons in Days Gone

One of the more frustrating processes in the game is running across weapon and not being able to store them. You only have room for a Primary, Sidearm, and Special weapon. So if you have all three equipped, anytime you run across a weapon, you need to drop another one to pick it up or you need to head back to the locker, drop off a weapon and go pick up the other one.

Weapons you buy or earn through the campaign will instantly go to the gun locker. So you'll need to go out shorthanded in hopes that you find a weapon in a certain slot or you just need to accept that fact that you'll leave plenty of weapons behind.

Photo courtesy of Bend Studio