PUBG duos may share certain fundamental elements with solos or squads, but the mode has its own distinct gameplay fingerprint. Here's how to find success while fighting your way through PUBG with a lone teammate covering your back.

The most important thing in PUBG duos is to perfect your communication with your teammate. That means calling out any relevant information, from available weapons to visible enemies, to give your teammate a clear understanding of the game state. PUBG is often a game of information, so pooling what you have will drastically improve your chances of winning.

Duos also allows for tactical decisions that are otherwise impossible in solos. Knowing when to split up and flank an enemy is crucial, and clear communication will enable the powerful strategy more often than silence.

Communication also aids in keeping spirits high when your duo inevitably loses a few matches in a row. Tilting is the death knell for any play session. Making jokes and maintaining a light mood will improve your results and let you play longer, but it's also important to know when to cut your losses. If you or your teammate speaks up about feeling frustrated, cutting the session early can mean coming back next time fresher and without having been ground down.

Communication is the bedrock of PUBG duo success, and the more you play the more you'll understand exactly what needs to be communicated. Put in the hours, and you'll find your results improving in no time.

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Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp