How to Summit the Highest Mountain in Fortnite

Summit the highest mountain in Fortnite is a mission as part of the Alter Ego challenge set that requires you to do just as it says. While geography might not be everyone's strong suit, this mission is very simple and can easily be completed if you know exactly where to go.

Here is how to Summit the Highest Mountain in Fortnite.

Summit the Highest Mountain in Fortnite

In the new Fortnite map, the highest peak can be found in the southeast region with the snowy mountains.

To complete the mission, equip the Journey vs Hazard Outfit and enter a game. Drop toward the mountains in the southeast region and as you approach them, it should be fairly easy to see the highest peak of the mountain.

If you find yourself unable to steer yourself towards the peak in time, simply deploy and redeploy your glider as needed.

The mission is completed as soon as you set foot on the highest point of the mountain. As a reward for finishing the mission you are given a new style for the Journey vs Hazard Outfit.

Photo Courtesy of Epic Games