How to Superglide Using Rampart's Walls in Apex Legends

Rampart concept art
Rampart concept art / Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

In Apex Legends, movement is king. Every player strives to be the fastest and most agile to catch enemies off guard, and new tricks are discovered often in the game to enhance movement capabilities.

One of the newest tricks discovered involves Rampart and her A-Walls. This new trick allows her to superglide in Apex, allowing you to get a boost of speed around enemies and practically break their ankles. Here's how it works.

How to Superglide With Rampart in Apex Legends.

Supergliding is a movement technique that gives you a movement boost after jumping, immediately after climbing a ledge. This technique is a lot faster than normal sliding, and the boost sends you in a direction so fast that you'll surely catch your enemy napping and be able to eliminate them from behind.

Apex Legends content creator The Gaming Merchant showcases Supergliding in one of their latest videos. By using Rampart, this technique can be utilized even better. By placing down her A-Walls, you can actually Superglide with Rampart anywhere, without requiring a high ledge to mount onto.

Place the wall, then jump to the top "ledge" of the wall. Once you hurdle over the ledge, jump immediately, and if you time it correctly, you'll be sent in that direction with a huge boost of speed.

The walls give you your own ledge to climb on and perform the trick whenever you want, making the trick even more overpowered for Rampart.

Supergliding with Rampart's walls in Apex Legends is definitely a trick you should know if she's your main Legend. Movement tricks like this don't get patched often, so practice it in the arena or your next match, timing is super important to execute the trick.