How to Survive the Final Circle in PUBG

Here's how to survive the final circle in PUBG.
Here's how to survive the final circle in PUBG. /

Surviving to reach the final circle in PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is no cakewalk. Players must contend with dozens of opposing players, limited loot resources and a constantly constricting safe zone before they can even have a hope of winning the game. Once you reach the final circle, however, the real test begins.

There are a couple different schools of thought on how best to weather the storm of the final PUBG circle. Some believe you should hide in buildings and behind whatever cover you can, worming your way through the back door of victory by picking off the last living player with the element of surprise.

This technique is useful when you're low on healing items or lack powerful weapons, as a head-to-head fight under those circumstances is likely to go against you. It also doesn't require a heavy commitment, as finding an enemy vulnerable to ambush can boost your loot enough that hiding is no longer your only hope.

Others believe loud and proud is the way to go, engaging every possible enemy to earn the best possible loot when it comes down to the final few players. This strategy is especially powerful with strong positioning that can tip fights in your favor. While it can reveal your location to bloodthirsty enemies, this approach can let you control your space and take fights on your terms.

Whatever strategy you choose, aim to maintain the high ground, minimize flanking angles, and keep tabs on wherever shots are being fired. Above all else, keep your head, and you'll give yourself the best possible chance of surviving PUBG's final circle.

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