How to Swap Servers in Apex Legends

Swapping servers is worth a try if players are facing multiple problems.
Swapping servers is worth a try if players are facing multiple problems. / Photo courtesy of Respawn

How can players change their servers in Apex Legends? Apex Legends Season 8 was well-received when it came out, but it's still failed to fix many of the server problems fans have been annoyed about. For many, the servers issues have actually gotten worse. While changing servers will not guarantee all problems will be fixed, it's at least worth a shot, as some servers can be more reliable and functional than others.

How to Swap Servers in Apex Legends

Depending on what platform you play, swapping servers will be a little different. For consoles, it's slightly more complicated than PC but should still be pretty easy to do. The default server for players is the one they're closest to. Now, changing servers will bring a higher ping, but it can be worth it if it stabilizes your gameplay experience.

For PlayStation and Xbox players, the first step to changing servers will be to go to the accessibility settings. Then players should exit and press their right thumbstick. This should bring up the server list which will probably show location, ping, and packet loss. Players should probably choose the one with the lowest ping and packet loss that isn't their default server, as that one most likely will have the lowest.

For those on PC, it's even more simple to swap servers. The launch screen should have the option to change servers at the bottom of its screen. So just click that and, like the consoles, try to choose the best performing server outside of the one you're already on.