How to Switch Arrows in AC Valhalla

Switching arrows in AC Valhalla is handled differently than in most RPGs.
Switching arrows in AC Valhalla is handled differently than in most RPGs. / Photo courtesy of Ubisoft

How to switch arrows in AC Valhalla may seem like a simple question, but is well-warranted due to the game's unorthodox mechanics compared to most other RPGs.

AC Valhalla is similar to most games where it allows players to be versatile in how they use their arrows to attack, whether it be fire or explosive damage. Essentially, the type of arrow fired from the bow determines the effect. Where AC Valhalla differs, however, is that the emphasis is placed on which type of bow the player is using.

How to Switch Arrows in AC Valhalla

Unlike AC Odyssey, where players could obtain various different types of arrows, there is only one arrow type that can be found in Valhalla.

Players in AC Valhalla can equip one of three different types of bows, each of which come with their own strengths and weaknesses—Hunter Bows, Predator Bows, and Light Bows.

Although the beginner-friendly, master-of-none Hunter Bow is introduced to players early, the other types can be found or purchased while progressing through the game.

The Light Bow is optimal for short-range encounters, possessing the ability to fire arrows as fast as possible. On the other hand, the Predator Bow acts a sniper rifle, dealing massive damage at extended ranges.

Ultimately, when it comes down to firing off those special elemental arrows, players in AC Valhalla will not be able to simply equip them. Instead, they must use the right bow in the right situation and be aware of their surroundings.

For example, fire arrows are created by shooting arrows through open fires in the area, while Eivor's Ranged Poison Strike ability is used to apply poison to arrows.

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