How to Tailwhip in Riders Republic

Riders Republic Promo Art
Riders Republic Promo Art / Photo via Playstation

Executing a tailwhip in Riders Republic is rather simple once you practice, but you need the right bike.

For those who play Riders Republic, they know that the game isn't the easiest to figure out. Despite this, the game is a hit with players as it takes Ubisoft's usual formula for game-making and leaves players with a large open world that they can explore however they please.

With Riders Republic finally released, many players are looking forward to figuring out how to do the tricks themselves.

That being said, some players struggle figuring out certain tricks, especially with most tutorials being primarily for Xbox or PC and the control differences between those systems and the PlayStation.

How to Tailwhip in Riders Republic

To tailwhip in Riders Republic, you have to be riding a slopestyle bike, which is only available once the player has the Bike Tricks career unlocked. No other bikes in the game can do the tailwhip, so make sure you're using the correct bike.

Another warning for players is that the tailwhip does take time to turn the bike all the way around, so the player has to be at a high enough area to land the trick correctly.

To actually do the trick, the player has to press down on both the right and left trigger buttons and then flick their joystick either right or left for the desired direction.

For those who still struggle, you can practice your tricks in The Tricks Academy, which can be found in Riders Ridge. It gives the player a large biking area to practice in before getting in on the real tracks, without having to force them into tutorials.