How to Take a Snapshot of Bidoof

Pack of Bidoof chillin
Pack of Bidoof chillin / Nintendo and Niantic

How to take a snapshot of Bidoof? Bidoof is getting some love on Pokemon GO in the form of Bidoof Day.

How to Take a Snapshot of Bidoof

Coming with Bidoof Day is a new Special Research for the beaver's titular day. Once you complete the first set of missions, the "Choose Bidoof!" Task will ask you to take a snapshot of Bidoof.

To take a snapshot of Bidoof, tap on your Pokemon Collection and hit the Camera icon. You can also hit the Camera icon if you already have Bidoof selected in your collection.

Your device's camera will open and your Bidoof will be awaiting you to take the most glorious picture you can think of. It doesn't matter what the picture looks like, just take a snapshot with Bidoof in it.

While the Bidoof Day event concluded on July 1, you can still finish the Special Research for Bidoof and nab all the rewards from those set of missions.