How to Talk to Ghosts in At Dead of Night

How to Talk to Ghosts in At Dead of Night
How to Talk to Ghosts in At Dead of Night / Baggy Cat Entertainment

At Dead of Night is a great game to play during this time of the year as Halloween approaches. As players start playing through the game, they might wonder how to talk to ghosts.

At Dead of Night is a horror game by Baggycat that combines many aspects of a walk-through game with film and ghost hunting. It is a unique immersive horror experience that could make for a fun play-through with friends during the holiday season.

In the game, you play as Maya, a student trapped in a hotel run by a psychopath called Jimmy Hall. With her friends captured, Maya must uncover Hall's dark secrets to help save her friends and escape the hotel.

One big element of the game is using a ghost voice receiver that Maya finds to communicate with the ghosts from Hall's past in the hotel.

How to Talk to Ghosts in At Dead of Night

The ghost voice receiver is the instrument used to talk to ghosts in the game. You can use the receiver anywhere in the game, but the receiver will only pick up the ghosts' voices in the location of the ghost. You can only talk with the ghost in their location.

Talking to the spirits is very simple. First using the receiver, Maya will hear static that gets louder as you approach a ghost. Then she can ask if anyone is there, once the ghost confirms who they are, you can start asking questions to the spirit.

Talking with the ghosts through the receiver is a really big tool in the game. So, make sure you are asking the ghosts the right questions to make sure that you are getting the information you need to escape the hotel.

Check out the trailer for this horror game below:

At Dead of Night is available now on Steam. This truly is a unique gaming experience ahead of Halloween!