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How to Tell if a Painting is Real in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Jessica Rogers

Animal Crossing: New Horizons' paintings are a crucial part of completing your museum collection. From Johannes Vermeer's Girl With a Pearl Earring to Leonardo Da Vinci's The Mona Lisa, players can complete their art gallery with a variety of well-known artwork. Obtaining the authentic paintings, however, is the trickiest part of this process.

When Redd, a sneaky fox, parks his boat at the back of the island, players can then enter his boat and purchase one artwork at a time. After buying one art piece, Redd will send it to the player's mailbox in the next day. Users will then have to wait for Redd's next visit to obtain more art pieces.

How to Tell if a Painting is Real in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Redd's visits to players' islands are random, and it often takes users a long time to complete the art section of their museum.

Before meeting Redd, players should mention introducing an art gallery to Blathers. After sending 60 donations to the museums, you'll eventually meet Redd, who Isabelle will hint at during her morning announcements.

Redd will first try to sell you an authentic painting for 498,000 Bells, and then he'll lower to price to 4,980 Bells. After this encounter, you can donate the artwork to Blathers which will prompt him to close the museum for a day in order to build the art gallery.

Although all of the artwork might appear genuine at first, players can zoom in and examine them for closer inspection. The Serene Painting's fake replica, for example, will have a raccoon instead of an ermine. Discover the small differences between real and fake art pieces here.

Players will be unable to hang fake art in their museum, but it can also be displayed in homes and in parts of the island.