How to Throw a High Pass in Madden 20

How to throw a high pass in Madden 20 is better known as a "lob pass." The game has three different ways to throw the ball: bullet, touch, and lob. All three are important depending on the route and where the defender is when they cover your receiver.

The game has fairly simple format on how to throw any of the passes, but it can take a bit before you master it.

How to Throw a High Pass in Madden 20

To throw a high pass or a lob pass in Madden 20, EA explains that lob passes can be performed by pressing and quickly releasing the receiver icon. The game makes little indication of how long to hold the button before releasing, which makes all the difference in the world — too short and you'll get a lob pass, too long and you'll get a bullet pass.

If you release it in the middle, you'll get a touch pass, the hardest pass to pull off which makes sense as you want to throw a touch pass on the difficult routes near the end zone.

So quickly tap the receiver icon and let go immediately and you'll get a lob pass.

Photo courtesy of EA Sports