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How to Throw a Lob Pass in Madden 22

Photo by EA Sports

Madden 22 has been a game that is centered around the passing game and all of the mechanics that come with passing.

To throw a lob pass, all you have to do is tap the receiver icon.

How to Throw a Lob Pass in Madden 22

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A lob pass is allows you to leave a ball hanging in the air for deeper routed receivers who are trying to beat opposing defensive backs for big yardage plays.

They are used in a couple of different situations.

Hail Mary Passes

In a Hail Mary situation, the lob pass is the best option as it will allow your receivers enough time to be in a position for a deep ball and maximize their chances at catching the clutch pass in a crowded coverage situation.


A streak is when a receiver's route is just a straight line up field where speed is key as they are trying to pass every defender. A lob pass is perfect for this situation as it will give your receiver the perfect amount of time to beat their man that is covering them.