How to Throw a Touch Pass in Madden 23

Image Courtesy of EA Sports

Madden 23 released Aug. 19 just in time for the upcoming NFL season. The new iteration of pro football's greatest success in gaming features all-new player ratings and some updated changes to the gameplay.

Branded as FieldSENSE, the new tech allows players even more control, especially when it comes to the passing game. The offensive element of FieldSENSE, known as Skill Based Passing, permits players to "place every pass where only your receiver can catch it with surgical accuracy."

To watch YouTuber and Madden fanatic GoodGameBro demonstrate, check out his clip below. He takes viewers through Skill Based Passing on a highly detailed level.

How to Throw a Touch Pass in Madden 23

Fans of the game know well, that launching lob passes downfield is what Madden is all about. Although riskier in real-life football, it is one of the most popular plays in the virtual game. Just like the late great John Madden always said, go deep or go hit the showers.

To throw a touch pass to one of your receivers, simply tap the button above their head. In contrast, holding the button above the receiver's head will initiate a bullet pass.

Madden 23 is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows PC.