How to Throw Birthday Presents in Fortnite

Courtesy of Epic Games

There is no better way to celebrate Fortnite's birthday than to throw some presents! As a part of Fortnite's in-game celebration, throwing presents will unlock exclusive rewards. Starting Sept. 23, presents will be scattered throughout the map at the start of each match. It's then up to players to find and throw the presents to complete the limited-time birthday quest.

This year Fortnite is celebrating its fifth anniversary as well as its fourth season of chapter three. Beginning in 2018, birthday quests are a highly anticipated part of the year and have been a long-standing tradition of the game.

Birthday presents are marked as legendary loot and are found on the floor randomly throughout the map. Supposedly more common in areas like Sleepy Sound or the Tilted Towers, these items are found in different places each round. The event ends Tuesday, Sept. 27, so there are only a few days left for birthday quests. Here is a guide for players on what to do when these gifts are found:

How to Throw Birthday Presents in Fortnite

Throwing birthday presents is pretty straightforward. Simply pick up the present and make sure you are holding it in your hand. Then you will want to find a lot of space to throw it because it will drastically increase in size when dropped. To throw it, hold the left trigger button and press the button to shoot. After the present is on the ground, you have to use a melee weapon or a slide kick to tear down one of the sides of the wall. One note, before you throw the present, make sure there are not any enemies in the area because it will reveal your location when dropped. Inside, you will find legendary loot you are able to use in-game. Additionally, after throwing five presents, you will earn an exclusive Sparklecake Emoticon.