How to Throw Football in Rocket League

Photo via Psyonix / Rocket League

Gridiron Football is a mode currently available to play in Rocket League. This guide will walk players through throwing the football in this limited time game mode.

Rocket League is one of the most popular non-Battle Royale games out right now. It took the world by storm when it was announced back in 2016 via the Rocket League YouTube channel.

Now, the game has a huge competitive world and is free-to-play through the Epic Games Launcher.

Recently, the game added a mode called Gridiron Football, which allows the players to take part in a American football-like game mode.

Here's everything we know about throwing the football in Gridiron Football.

How to Throw Football in Rocket League

Compared to other game modes in Rocket League, Gridiron Football has way different mechanics than any of the others.

Because of this, players will have to get used to the new mode before really being able to master it.

The American football-inspired game mode sets players in a mode that has a brand-new rules and ways to play.

While playing Gridiron Football, players will instead carry the ball on their back instead of pushing it around.

To correctly throw the football, players will have to jump and dodge in any direction. Once they've done that, the ball should fly in whatever direction they dodge towards, and the speed of which it goes depends on how fast the player is moving.