How to Trick Players Into Jumping Off Olympus with Wraith Portals

This portal will drop enemies to their untimely demises.
This portal will drop enemies to their untimely demises. | Photo by Respawn Entertainment/EA

Wraith's ultimate, Dimensional Rift, has always been among the best-loved abilities in Apex Legends. Its potential for smart, stylish play blends well with the chaos it can sow, and it doesn't hurt that Wraith is perhaps the most popular Legend in the game.

Now, Apex Legends players have figured out a way to use Dimensional Rift to trick their enemies into plummeting off of the sky city Olympus. This play, posted to the Apex Legends subreddit Thursday by u/Mcmoistvonspiffy, shows exactly how powerful that trick can be.

With both their teammates dead, Mcmoistvonspiffy begins the clip running from an enemy squad. Mcmoistvonspiffy activates their portal, then places the exit mid-air as they jump from one catwalk to another on the underside of the city, leaving the exit directly above an endless drop.

Mcmoistvonspiffy hunkers down to shoot the enemies as they chase through the portal, but it turns out to be unnecessary. No sooner do they pop through than they're falling to their deaths without a chance to react.

This trick can be replicated all over Olympus — keep an eye out for locations where it could work next time you're running through the floating city.