How to Turn Off Crossplay in Overwatch

How to Turn Off Crossplay in Overwatch
How to Turn Off Crossplay in Overwatch / Photo courtesy by Blizzard Entertainment

Here's how to turn off Crossplay in Overwatch on all available platforms.

Overwatch cross-platform play launched on Tuesday, June 22. The cross-platform feature connects players on all platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, and Xbox One. Players need to sign up for a account to connect on their servers to gain access to cross-platform play, but what if you want to turn it off?

How to Turn Off Crossplay in Overwatch

To turn off cross-platform play in Overwatch, players can go to the settings in-game menu. Console players will have the option to opt-out, however, PC does not have that option currently. PC players can't switch off crossplay, but this only affects non-competitive modes. PC players will only compete in ranked playlists against those on the same platform and the same goes for console players.

Cross-Play will be automatically enabled by default for all users. If you decide that you want to opt-out of the cross-play function, you may do so through the Overwatch in-game menu, or within your console’s system settings for Xbox. PC players cannot opt out of cross-play.

Blizzard Entertainment

Cross-play is still in beta testing, but one thing to take note. If players decide to opt-out developers mention longer queue times. For more information on cross-play visit Overwatch release notes.