How to Turn off Crossplay on Warzone

Disabling cross-play in Warzone may help with various user experiences
Disabling cross-play in Warzone may help with various user experiences /

Wanting to turn off crossplay on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Warzone might seem unintuitive at first, as the title was one of the first Triple-A games to bridge the seemingly uncrossable divide between the PlayStation and Xbox platforms. Although crossplay between Playstation 4 and PC has existed in the past for high-profile, esports games such as Street Fighter V, the mega-hit Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was the first high profile game to accomplish this feat between consoles.

Unfortunately, for various reasons covered in this article, there may be legitimate reasons you may want to disable this feature in order to smooth out your experience - regardless of the platform you currently play on.

Reasons to Disable Crossplay

  • Connection Issues while running into players on other platforms (prevalent if you live in a remote area far removed from Activision servers)

  • Mouse & Keyboard players on PC looking to shrink the pool of controller players coming from console (and vice-versa)

  • Console players (PS4 & Xbox) looking to escape the rampant cheating going on by some PC players utilizing illegal macros, hacks, scripts and exploits

Connection issues form the first reason you may want to consider turning off crossplay, as this has been cropping up since the game’s launch back in Nov 2019. The reason being is that server location is directly tied to the ping - distance in time (ms) it takes to send and receive info from the nearest server - you have in-game, and the user experience while playing online. If you live in a remote area of the world, or just happen to be unlucky to not live near a reliable server, even in highly populated areas, your connection with individuals farther away from you (game lobbies are populated by nearest players around the globe first, and filled in by those farther second) will obviously suffer.

Another reason to disable crossplay is strictly tied to player preference, as some PC players using Mouse & Keyboard have expressed distaste on playing alongside controller players on console. Controller players have access to two types of aim-assist (aim-assist slowdown & aim-assist rotation. Although the benefits of using M&K greatly outweigh the benefits of controllers having aim-assist, in a Battle Royal game setting where you have only one life, aim-assist is and can be extremely powerful - especially in short to mid-range engagements.

Lastly, and probably most important as it has become somewhat of a plague that legitimately threatens the survivability of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Warzone, is the rampant cheating going on by PC players in Warzone, and even multiplayer modes such as Ground War. This is also directly tied to Skill Based Match Making (SBMM), as players cheating also have padded stats that match them up with legitimately skilled players who also have great stats. As a result some players (average to mid-level) may never encounter these cheaters, but as you progress in skill, your experience can and will deteriorate.

How to Turn off Crossplay on Warzone

Turning off crossplay is relatively easy and can be done in seconds by navigating the main menu before the launch of any game mode lobby. 

From the Options screen, look for the account tab. Within account, search for the option named crossplay, then change the setting to Disabled. With crossplay turned off, you’ll only encounter players running the game from the same platform as you.

Disabling cross-play on PS4
Disabling cross-play on PS4 /

XBOX ONE is a little different in that you will first need to navigate to the App & System Notification Center.

Navigating the XBOX ONE menu to disable cross-play
Navigating the XBOX ONE menu to disable cross-play /

Once in tab over to the Communication & Multiplayer section and disable cross-play form the menu option shown below.

You can find the option to disable cross-play on XBOX here
You can find the option to disable cross-play on XBOX here /

For detailed instructions - see the video embed below:

With Activision and game developer Infinity Ward already banning over 70,000 accounts in the past week alone for players caught cheating, it remains to be seen if there will be any security updates coming in the near future to tamper the cheating plaguing Warzone currently.