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How to Turn Off Game Chat in Back 4 Blood

Photo by Turtle Rock Studios

Back 4 Blood is here and if you want to make the undead experience more peaceful by turning off game chat, you have come to the right place.

In Back 4 Blood, voice chat is recorded in-game for moderation and user safety. Although some players may not have a problem with this, others are still uncomfortable with their voices being recorded.

How to Turn Off Game Chat in Back 4 Blood

In the tweet above, Holly and Evangelo from Back 4 Blood, speak about how they are ready to take care of undead now that Back 4 Blood is officially out.

As fans load up the game, they are welcomed with a message that pops up and reads, "Attention, Voice Chat is recorded and used for moderation, user safety, and to operate and improve the services. By using chat, you agree to this use of data."

While some people do not care enough to change their voice chat settings, the best way to turn this off is by lowering your voice chat volume all the way down in the menu.

This not only solves the voice chat recording problem but also the double voice sound you here if you are playing with people in a party. With the volume up, you will be hearing players in your party speak while also hearing their in game voice.