How to Unlock Alucard Operator in Warzone 2

Here's how to unlock the Alucard Operator in Warzone 2.
Here's how to unlock the Alucard Operator in Warzone 2. / Activision

In the next major update, players will be able to unlock the Alucard Operator in Warzone 2.

Halloween is coming early to Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Season 6. The update not only brings The Haunting back to the Battle Royale, but it also features multiple icons synonymous with darkness, horror, and even Hell. Spawn headlines the Warzone 2 Season 6 Battle Pass while other iconic characters, like Diablo 4's Lilith and Inarius wait in the store.

Another crossover Bundle coming to Warzone 2 includes an Alucard Operator, the vampire from popular anime series, Hellsing. Here's how players can get Alucard in Warzone 2 Season 6.

How to Unlock Alucard Operator in Warzone 2

To unlock the Alucard Operator in Warzone 2, players must purchase the Hellsing Bundle when it goes live in the store. Although Activision has not revealed the Bundle's full contents, expect to see Hellsing-inspired Weapon Blueprints, Emblems, Finishing Moves, and more.

The Season 6 roadmap detailed, "Combat the supernatural and the undead with the Hellsing Bundle, complete with the tyrannical vampire-turned-vampire-hunter, Alucard."

Other familiar faces coming to the store are Skeletor from Overlord of Evil and Ash Williams from Evil Dead 2.

Does the Alucard Operator Carry Forward to Modern Warfare 3?

Yes, the Alucard Operator will carry forward to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Players who purchase Alucard will have access to the skin in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Warzone, and the upcoming Modern Warfare 3.

How Much Does the Alucard Operator Cost in Warzone 2?

Although Activision has not confirmed the price of the new Bundle, we expect the Alucard Operator to cost 2,400 COD Points, just like the Nicki Minaj, Lara Croft, and 21 Savage Bundles.

Warzone 2 Alucard Operator Release Date

The Warzone 2 Alucard Operator will be released during The Haunting, beginning on Tuesday, Oct. 17.

When Does Warzone 2 Season 6 Go Live?

Warzone 2 Season 6 goes live on Wednesday, Sept. 27 at 12 p.m. ET. Players will likely be able to pre-load the update a few hours before it drops to ensure they can play Season 6 without any delay.