How to Unlock and Use Combat Slide in Starfield


Starfield has a Combat Slide feature, but players might not even realize it early on... or even later into a playthrough. Your first thought when even clicking on this story might be: "Wait, there's a Combat Slide?"

Bethesda's latest, anticipated RPG Starfield is finally here and players are diving into the numerous worlds the game has to offer. Most first or third-person shooters in today's gaming landscape have a slide or dive mechanic. Starfield is no different, though players might not unlock it early on, or even at all.

Here's how to unlock and use the Combat Slide in Starfield.

How to Unlock and Use Combat Slide in Starfield

Players can unlock the Combat Slide by unlocking the Gymnastics perk in the Physical skill tree. Players have to spend three other skill points under Physical to make unlocking Gymnastics accessible.

Combat Slide, once unlocked, doesn't need to be equipped or bound to a key or button. All players have to do is just sprint and then press the crouch button, much like other games. It's a fun mechanic that will make combat feel more fluid, and upgrading Gymnastics later on won't be a bad idea either. Players can also further their fall damage reduction, jump higher and more.

Not only will you get the Combat Slide, but you'll also take 15% less fall damage which will help greatly in your expeditions.

Does Combat Slide Use O2 in Starfield?

Yes, much like any other physical exertion in Starfield. Combat Sliding will use a portion of your oxygen level just as jumping, sprinting and mantling does. Though, it won't be too much of a burden on your character especially as you level up.