How to Unlock Avatars in Bonelab

Stress Level Zero

As players explore the world of Bonelab, the game's customization features allow them to have a unique, virtual reality experience. Taking place in the same universe as Stress Level Zero's previous game, Boneworks, Bonelab introduced new avatar features to the franchise that enables for more personalized gameplay. Read on to find out how to unlock character skins in Bonelab.

How to Unlock Avatars in Bonelab

Upon starting the game and going through its introduction, you will come across balls that appear above each of the doors. When the level is completed, the balls will turn orange, allowing the player to progress.

These balls will be added to a crane machine in the game's central hub, found by climbing up a flight of stairs. The machine requires batteries that are also found through the game's introduction sequence. Once activated, players have the chance to grab the orange balls and place them on the pedestals that are located near the crane. Placing three balls will open Quarantine doors, giving players access to the rest of the campaign.

New skins and avatars are found through completing the full story mode. There is a total of six character skins to unlock. Additionally, one of the missions require players to upload their own custom avatar to the game. This personalization features also allows players to choose their avatar's physical stats.