How to Unlock Big Trouser in Vampire Survivors

Courtesy of poncle

Vampire Survivors players might be wondering how to unlock Big Trouser. This secret character has quite the unlock requirement that may take a number of tries to accomplish.

Originally released on Steam near the end of 2021, Vampire Survivors is a top-down bullet hell game where players attempt to survive as many waves of enemies as they can. There is no way to technically beat the game, and there is no official in-game leaderboard. Rather, players work to survive as long as they can while unlocking accessories and characters.

How to Unlock Big Trouser in Vampire Survivors

In order to unlock Big Trouser in Vampire Survivors, players need to be playing in Moongolow, the second playable bonus stage. While surviving the hordes of enemies on that stage, you must not only collect all 16 standard stage items but master them as well. An incredibly important note is that once you master all of the items, you have to quit the game instead of dying since Tiragisú will be lost upon death.

Once you've unlocked Big Trouser, get ready to hand over a whopping 5,000 Gold for the privilege to play this beloved merchant. Big Trouser starts with the Candybox, letting him pick from any of the available base weapons.