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How to Unlock Doc in Back 4 Blood

"Need a prescription for pain? Call Doc."
"Need a prescription for pain? Call Doc." / Photo courtesy of Turtle Rock Studios

With the Back 4 Blood Early Access period beginning for those who've purchased the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions of the upcoming title, players are now able to unlock more playable characters, such as Doc, for the first time.

Back in August, many players were able to get their first hands-on look at the first-person zombie shooter, but did not get the chance to play as any survivor characters are then the five already unlocked. For those eager to the dedicated-medic Cleaner now at launch, here's a breakdown on how to unlock Doc in Back 4 Blood.

How to Unlock Doc in Back 4 Blood

In Back 4 Blood, players will all start out with the starting five Cleaners from the open beta — Hoffman, Walker, Mom, Holly, and Evangelo.

To unlock Doc, as well as the other two locked characters, Karlee and Jim, all players have to do is beat the final mission in "Act 1: The Devil's Return" — "The Crossing."

As players who have played this finale chapter in the past can attest to, The Crossing is definitely no slouch as the Cleaners will encounter a never-ending horde, have to cross the bridge in a panic, and successfully plant two explosives to blow up a cruise ship.

Thankfully, it appears Turtle Rock Studios has made it well worth players' sacrifices as in a gesture of good faith, you will have the game's full arsenal of Cleaners at your disposal.

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