How to Unlock Far Cry 6’s Secret Ending

Far Cry has a history of adding alternate endings, spanning multiple of the series’s latest installments. Far Cry 6 has one as well, though it takes a bit of time. Here’s how you can unlock the secret ending. 

In Far Cry 6, players take the role of Dani, an orphan who finds herself with the rag-tag rebellion group “Libertad” to take down the dictator Antón Castillo. The normal route of the game sees Dani carry out assisting the rebellion to fight the dictatorship, but there is an alternate ending where things play out a bit differently than expected, and it takes a bit of work getting to this fork in the road.

Minor spoilers ahead for the opening act of the game. 

How to Unlock Far Cry 6’s Secret Ending

To access the secret ending in Far Cry 6, players will need to complete the “Libertad Rises” mission on the opening island of Isla Santuario. When the mission is completed, Dani will be given a boat by Libertad leader Clara, where she has a decision to stay and help Libertad take the dictator down or escape away from the civil war and spend the rest of her days in Miami. The player is supposed to stay and fight, advancing to the next waypoint and continuing the game as normal.

However, there is a way to end the game early. Players can actually enter the boat and begin driving it out towards the horizon. The player must continue to drive further and further into the ocean, and they will know that the secret ending has been attained when the screen cuts to black and the phrase “3 Months Later” pops up on the screen.

Fast forward to the timeskip, and players will find a carefree Dani on the sun-soaked beaches of Miami. A distant radio plays in the background and confirms the worst: the rebellion has been squashed by Castillo and Clara has been executed as a result. 

Getting this ending grants the player a special achievement, and it’s needed to 100% the game. Players can reload this save and fast-travel back to the point where the choice was made, giving Dani the opportunity to choose as she was destined to.

Far Cry 6 is now available on Xbox and Playstation consoles, as well as PC and Google Stadia.